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I prepare diagnosis of your energy


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My method is quite oryginal

Should I know about session

I really helps

Do I have to come to your office to do a session?

No, you don’t. Sessions take place remotely, I have great experience in this kind of operation.

What is the suggested number and frequency of sessions?

Every person is different, and so is the healing process. The body and spirit has their own individual pace. For some,  two or three sessions are sufficient. Sessions are usually done every week, rarely more.

I want to confirm the effectiveness of sessions made by Mr. Kazibudzki in the case of addiction to drugs, alcohol. He’s able to help in the state of self-doubt and depression. The situation of my adult child changed dramatically very positive. My child has changed from “zombie” to smiling and free, he began to talk normally, he wants to learn a profession etc. I recommend Mr. Bart and thank you very much.

I.L. Hannover, Deutschland

Once again I lost my job, my health declined and my mental state also left much to be desired

After the first session I noticed a shift. I changed my approach to life, took on more optimism and faith, so that it will be better. I found a nice work, my mood has improved and my mind works as it should. Mr. Bart is fully professional.It is apparent from the first contact with him which combined with kindness and genuine will of help, it makes miracles. I would higly recommend Mr. Bart with a clear conscience.

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for Bart’s help and his deep understanding of business reality. At the time I hired him I was stressed out, completely drained off energy and I couldn’t keep up with all the business demands my company put upon me. I was stuck with decision making and confused about my business’ direction.

I reached out to Bart and he responded almost instantly with some thoughts and tips regarding my state of mind. He helped me understand the connection between my business and my mind and we did some great work around that. My stress levels dropped down dramatically, my mind got clearer and instead of obsessing about my company’s direction I became one of the World’s Top 20 StartUp Experts to follow. I wouldn’t do that without Bart’s help and a sense of peace & understanding he gave me through our work.

I would recommend him to anyone, especially CEOs & business owners who struggle because of stress, brain fog, financial issues and more. He’ll help you “breath” finally!

Konrad W. Gorak via LinkedIn

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